CFRB-AM 1010 KHz - CFRX-SW 6.070 MHz Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Reception Reports

CFRX acknowledges all correct reception reports with a QSL card. Most of these reports come from eastern Canada and the north-eastern United States. However, we have received reports from approximately 40 countries. CFRB/CFRX QSL's have been issued by the Ontario DX Association since October 1, 1991.
The QSL manager is Steve Canney, VA3SC. Reports can be submitted by emailing me at:
c/o Steve Canney, VA3SC

1831 Waterdown Rd. Burlington Ontario Canada L7P 5A2


return postage is greatly appreciated and ensures a faster response.

Sorry, but CFRB does not have bumper stickers, fridge magnets or other novelty items that  can be sent out with the QSL card.

Criteria to receive a CFRB/CFRX QSL card


  • Date you heard CFRB or CFRX;
  • Time you heard the transmission (local or UTC);
  • Frequency (specify CFRB 1010 or CFRX 6070 kHz);
  • Program material (at least 10 minutes of specific program material heard, i.e. name of announcer, commercials heard, news items etc.);
  • Signal report (a general overview of how well you were hearing the signal in your location);
  • Mention of the type of equipment and antenna you were using to hear the signal is helpful as well.

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