CFRB-AM 1010 KHz - CFRX-SW 6.070 MHz Toronto, Ontario, Canada


How much power does CFRX run?  1,000 watts

Do they broadcast to a certain area?  Not anymore.  The original intent of the shortwave service was to reach northern Ontario.  The antennas were 2 phased verticals.  When the second vertical (the reflector element) got damaged many years ago there were no plans to replace it.   The omni-directional pattern has been in place ever since. 

Is the programming different on CFRX than CFRB? No.  CFRX relays everything broadcast on CFRB, 24/7.

What station gets most of the reception reports?  CFRX. About 98% of the reception reports are for CFRX.

Who owns CFRB/CFRX?  Bell Media are the new owners.  I have a link to their web site.